Mountain Hehuan Group(合歡群峰)

Mountain Hehuan Group are Hehuan Main Peak; Hehuan North Peak; Hehuan West Peak; Mt. Shimen , Mt. Hehuanjian and Shimen North Peak. They are listed on 100 peaks except for Shimen North Peak and Mt. Hehuanjian. The trailheads are near Hehuanshan Lodge (合歡山莊) which is on Provincial Highway 14A . The peaks can be climbed without the need for high-mountain permits. It’s easy to get to the summits of Mountain Hehuan Group for tourists, but the route to Hehuan West Peak is kind of challenge and needs much more energy for hikers.  

Hehuan North Peak (3422m): No. 34 on the list of 100 peaks. There is a summit mark numbered 1451 and a reflecting board on the top. It is the highest peak among Mountain Hehuan Group and also on the way to Hehuan North Peak. The length of the trail is 2 kilometers, and it takes about 2-3 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate: 2

Hehuan West Peak (3145m): 83 on the list of 100 peaks. There is a summit mark numbered 6390 on the top. It is the longest trail among Mountain Hehuan Group. It takes about 6-9 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate: 4.9

Hehuan East Peak (3421m): #35 on the list of 100 peaks. It is the watershed of Zhuoshui River and Takkiri River ,and The main ridge of Central Mountain Range goes toward southeast from here. It was a ski site because the slope on the east side of the mountain was gentle. Song Syue Lodge (松雪樓) is situated on the slope of Hehuan East Peak and faces to Wu-Ling(武嶺). It is an excellent place to view the mountains from the East Peak. Hehuan East Peak is near Qilai North Peak and Qilai Main Peak. The trailhead to hike Hehuan East Peak and Mountain Qilai is the same. The length of the trail to Hehuan East Peak is 1056 meters and it takes about 1.5-2 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate:2

Mountain Shimen (3237m): #66 on the list of 100 peaks. It is the easiest and shortest hike up to one of the 100 peaks. It is also a beautiful sight to admire the Taroko Gorge and the clouds coming from the Pacific Ocean, as well as the sunset on Mountain Qilai. The length of the trail is 784 meters, and it takes about 50 minutes for a round trip. Difficulty rate: 0.5

Hehuan Main Peak (3417m) : #36 on the list of 100 peaks. Hehuan East Peak is on its east, and Hehuan North Peak is on its north. Hehuan West Peak is on its northwest. It has a good view from the top, and it’s easily accessible. The length of trail is 1795 meters, and it takes 1-1.5 hours for a round trip. Difficulty rate:1

Itinerary :  

Day -1  Chiayi/Mountain Hehuan

19:15  We started from Chiayi (嘉義) and dropped at Dalin (大林) and Dou Liu(斗六) to pick up hiking mates

20:50  At kilometer 215 Freeway No.3 turned to Freeway No.6

21:20  Off at Puli intersection. Stopped at convenience store 7-11 for a short rest.  (There is a small restaurant offering cheap lunch(勝財興便當店) next to 7-11. Open at 09:00. Tel: 049-2991496)

22:05  passed by Wushe(霧社) and then got to the intersection of Provincial Highway 14 and 14A. Turned left and went on Provincial Highway 14A to Cingjing(清境); Hehuan(合歡)

22:50  At kilomiter 9.5 on Provincial Highway 14A. 

23:45  got to the highway highest point of Taiwan , Wuling. Kept driving and then stopped at kilometer 37 on Provincial Highway 14A, Mt. Hehuan Service Station. Camped for a night at the parking lot.

Day 1 Hehuan North Peak and Hehuan West Peak.

05:52  At kilometer 36.7( Hehuan Service Station), the trailhead of Hehuan North Peak. The trail is clearly marked by a sign every 100 meters.

06:22  at kilometer 1.

06:30  at kilometer 1.2. A big reflecting board is on the top.

06:52  At kilometer 2.0K, the summit of Hehuan North Peak. Took photos and then kept hiking to Hehuan West Peak. It’s a gentle downslope from km 2.0 to 2.3. From km 2.3, went uphill and then went down a steep slope. There’s a rope for holding on the way at some dangerous areas. At km 2.58, entered into a forest. At km 3.2, went down a steep slope. At km 3.6 , lot of Arrow Bamboo was ahead.

07:45  It’s the third hump, an uphill climb, from km 3.8 to 4.0. The forth hump is from km 4.1 to 4.2.

08:00  Got to the 5th hump. It took 12 minutes to hike from km 4.45 to 5.1.

08:15 Got to the 6th hump from km 5.35 to 5.69.

08:30 At a intersection, a sign shows the directions. the left is the way to Hua Gang(華崗) and the right is the way to Hehuan West Peak. From km 6.4 to 6.5, the trail is slippery. Everyone should be careful and hold the rope for safty. 

09:00 At km 6.6, West Peak was ahead. went uphill on Arrow Bamboo trail.

09:02 At km 6.7, the summit of Hehuan West Peak. Great scenery on the top.Took a 30-mins break and then went back.

12:40  Back to Hehuan North Peak.

13:30 Back to the trailhead of Hehuan North Peak.

14:40 Back to Mt. Hehuan Service Station. The station offers soup; instant noodles; rice dumplings; hot water; toilets and travel information. After dinner, we went to camp at Ski Lodge (滑雪山莊)parking lot where was the trailhead of Hehuan East Peak and Mt. Qilai(奇萊山) .

Day 2  Hehuan East Peak; Mt. Shimen; Mt. Hehuanjian and Hehuan Main Peak

06:15 We commenced from Ski Lodge (滑雪山莊) parking lot. Song Syue Lodge (松雪樓) and an abandoned ski lift were on the right. The trail was in good condition

06:55 We got to the summit of Hehuan East Peak. Mt. Qilai North Peak and Main Peak were in front of us.

07:30  After going back to the trailhead, we drove along the Provincial Highway 14A toward Da Wuling.

08:35 After 5-mins drive we arrived at Km 33.5, the trailhead of Mt. Shimen which was on Provincial Highway 14A.

08:49 arrived at the summit of Mt. Shimen. The peak is easily accessible, and it takes no effort to get to the top.


09:10 went back to the trailhead of Mt. Shimen.

09:12  The trailhead of Mt. Hehuanjian was just across from the trailhead of Mt. Shimen. getting enough time to hike Mt. Hehuanjian, so we all went up along the trail to the top.

09:22 got to the top of Mt. Hehuanjian. (It’s behind Hehuan Lodge.) It has a nice view to admire the mountains.

09:30 Back to Hehuan Lodge.

10:55 At km 30.4, the trailhead of Hehuan Main Peak. The trail is paved with cement, and cars can drive up to the top.

11:25 got to the summit of Main Peak and enjoyed the wonderful view.

12:00 Back to the trailhead of Hehuan Main Peak. Because there wasn’t any parking lot at the trailhead, we needed to park our car at Kuanyang Rest Station(昆陽休息區) which was a kilometer away.

13:00  Kuanyang Rest Station(昆陽休息區),got on the bus and backed to Chiayi.