Mt. Pingfeng is 3250 meters above sea level. It is ranked #60 on the list of 100 peaks. There is a summit mark on the top. It is located on the Takkiri river 塔次基里溪in Xiulin Township, Hualien County.

The two-day trip is more suitable for the general hikers, but it is not easy. Except for the Takkiri River and Waterfalls, The Peak of Ping Feng doesn't have much of a view, so it can be regarded as physical training.


D-1  Chiayi/ Dayuling

 Chiayi --->national highway no. 3 bound for the north--> turn onto national highway no. 6 bound for Puli  ( 23:50) --> Tai 14 --> wushe --> Tai 14   -->Cingjing -->Wuling--> Dayuling, elevation : 2565 meters ( 1:30 AM  parked and stayed in front of a store for a night.)

D+1  Dayuling trailhead / down to Takkiri river (塔次基里溪)/ up to the Gold Mine Campsite(金礦工寮營地) 6.2KM, 600 meters of descent and 470 meters of ascent / up to Mt. Pingfeng for 2.5KM.

05:10 commenced our hike from Dayuling trailhead.  The trailhead was located  near the intersection of Tai 14 and Tai 8 about 50 meters away (opposite 勝財興store). Went downward, a zigxag cement-road for 1 minute, and then took the right path down to the forest. You would hear the sound of river, and it was Takkiri river. During the rainy season, the path was really steep and slippery.


05:40 met the first brook (Takkiri river 塔次基里溪,It flowed fast). crossed the brook and went forward about 10 meters, Grabbed the rope on the right side and climbed up the slope.

 the river

pull the rope up

05:45 met a brook again (There was little water). passed by landslides twice along the way. the path could be damaged by heavy rains. Be careful!!

07:05 a suspension bridge (the lowest point of this hike. It was 700 meters descending from Dayuling.) A waterfall was on the right. Went further about 50 meters, there was a campsite that can accommodate about 20 people and had sufficient water resources. Rest for 20 minutes here.

 suspension bridge

A campsite was near the suspension bridge

 07:25  pack on back and start to go up the trail. 5 minutes later the  walk was easy. went through the pine forest and the pine needles covered on the path . walked for 30 minutes then went up .


09:25  arrived at Gold Mine Campsite. it could accommodate 10 tents. A small temple was built next to the site. A waterfall offering water resource was 2 minutes walk away. off our backpacks and had lunch here.

 Gold Mine Campsite


a waterfall was near the campsite


11:00   Start with simple backpacks (only drinking water and snacks). From here to the top of Mt. Pingfeng ascends 930 meters. It took us 5-8 hours for a round trip. Some hiking teams would stay here for a night and then go to the summit the next morning.


11:02  met a brook first. the path was wet and slippery . it was tough to climb up. Then we walked through 2 another brooks .

11:50  met the 4th brook (the last water resource ) Standing here, you could see a building(Song Syue lodge松雪樓) erected on the Mt. Hehuan. took a short break and then went on the hike. On the steep slope, ropes are plentiful and needed. 

13:30  a big collapsed wall, pull the ropes up over the rubble-covered slope. after the slope , walked through the bamboo grass (the grass grows higher than people).

 big collapsed wall    rubble- covered slope


14:05  There was a flat place at the ridge. Took the left path to go. After walking for 1 minute, we met an intersection. below its left, it was a site that can accommodate for 2 people. We took the path on the right to go. descended and then ascended up, walked through grass and passed some puddles. the view opened up after going through the bamboo grass.

14:30  arriving at the peak of Mt. Ping Feng. It was surrounded by trees and grass. it didn’t have beautiful view to see.

14:50  heading back.

17:55  back to Gold Mine Campsite . stayed here for a night.

D+2  Gold Mine Campsite / Takkiri river (塔次基里溪)/ Dayuling trailhead / went back to Chiayi

06:40  returned.

08:00  the suspension bridge.

10:20  the first brook (Takkiri river 塔次基里溪).

11:40  Dayuling, drove home.